HGH and bodybuilding


HGH is the best tool to build muscle and lose fat. High dosages of HGH can shed fat fast. HGH works synergetically with other anabolic steroids. Using human growth hormone, use at least a TRT dose or more testosterone. The more anabolic steroids you run, the better human growth will work on you. 

It should be incorporated into every cycle. Anabolic steroids help you to recover faster from workouts. Steroids heal muscles but not tendons and ligaments. In that case, you should use human growth hormone to heal your tendons and ligaments more quickly. Human growth hormone lets your work out more often and use heavy weights. 

On human growth hormone, you don't need to do cycles. You can stay on it for as long as you want. It doesn't stop your natural human growth hormone production if you inject it before sleep. You will add synthetic human growth hormone on top of your birth. It works differently than steroids. Where steroids stop your pituitary gland from producing testosterone, synthetic human growth hormone doesn't impact your natural production of human growth hormone. You don't need to split the dosage if using no more than 4IU a day. It's better to use human growth hormones before sleep. Because your stress levels are lowest when you sleep, the human growth hormone will start to work after 3-6 months. This is when you see significant changes in your physique.


Human growth hormone benefits:

Build muscle mass faster.

Improve bone density

reduce body fat

better mood 

thicker and stronger head hairs

glowing skin

boost metabolism

improved sleep


Dosages for bodybuilding

Beginner 4-6 IU a day

Advanced 6-10 IU a day


For anti-aging

2IU a day

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