The truth about the steroid cycles


If you want to be big and progress constantly, you must be on steroids 365 days per year. Professional bodybuilders or giant gym rats don't do twelve weeks cycles. They are always "ON" and changing compounds. This is how they stay big and shredded all year round. These dosages are for regular people, not for top athletes. Their dosages are way higher. This is only a guide to how Pro is doing its cycles.


Standard cycles


The standard cycle is twelve-sixteen weeks. These cycles look like yo-yo cycles. You gain, and then you lose. It's not only you lose the gains, but you harm your body's endocrine system. Twelve weeks is not enough for your body to adapt to synthetic hormones and changes. If you took testosterone enanthate and did a twelve weeks cycle, you wasted anabolic steroids and time. For enanthate, you will need at least eight weeks to peak and start working. And when your body starts to adapt to new hormonal changes, you stop the cycle and create a PCT. This is the worst what you could do to your body. Your body doesn't recover in two or more months. But then you start your cycle again, and you repeat yo-yo. You can't put 20-30lbs of muscle on twelve weekly cycles. It's a long process; even on steroids, you gain muscle mass slowly.


Hair loss


Hair loss is due to hormonal changes. Arnold had a full head of hair while he was on cycle. But when he went off, he started shedding. Why? Because of hormonal changes. While you take anabolic steroids, your body adapts, and you don't get any side effects. But when you come off, it's very hard on your body to restart its system to produce its natural testosterone. That's why on PCT, many get a lot of side effects, like hair loss, acne, and libido problems.


The actual cycle for constant gains


Now, if you are looking to pack muscle mass and be shredded year-round constantly, you need to be "ON" 365 days per year. Testosterone dosage you keep the same and change the other anabolic compounds. The cycle will be nine-ten months. And only two-three months will be cruise dosage, which is 250mg of testosterone. On a cruise, you will give your body a rest. Many professional bodybuilders and gym rats do that. You can't be big and shredded year-round if you are not on anabolic steroids 365 days a year. You want to choose enanthate, cypionate, or Sustanon for testosterone. The second compound you will use for an anabolic purpose. Anabolic compounds you will use for three months, then two months off. The same goes for oral compounds—four-six weeks on, four-six weeks out. Of course, you want to do blood work for the liver and kidneys after oral compounds. After four weeks, do blood work for the liver and kidneys. If it's alright, then you can start the oral combination again. Now for testosterone, you want to start at 500mg a week and add 250mg every month. Then, when you reach 1000mg a week, you will stay for the rest month.


Cycle example


First and second months- 500mg of testosterone and 400-600mg of nandrolone phenylpropionate plus an oral compound for four-six weeks


Third month - 750mg of testosterone and 400-600mg of nandrolone phenylpropionate


In the fourth month - 750mg of testosterone, stop nandrolone phenylpropionate and add oral compound for four-six weeks.


Fifth and sixth month - 1000mg of testosterone


Seventh month - 1000mg of testosterone and trenbolone acetate 300-600mg plus oral compound


Eighth and ninth month - 1000mg of testosterone and trenbolone acetate 300-600mg


Tenth, eleventh and twelfth month - Only 250mg of testosterone




To progress and stay big and lean, you need to be "ON" 365 days a year. Just change the compounds and do blood work. No one does twelve weeks cycle and gets big, lean, and muscular. It takes time. Give your body more time to adapt to hormones and stay "ON" for a longer time for better results. When your body adapts, you will feel no side effects. You may even think that you are not on a cycle. It's not a plateau like everyone thinks on forums. Your body just adapted to the new environment and is now in equilibrium. After your body adapts, you will grow constantly and have a few side effects, if any. These are just small dosages compared to IFBB bodybuilders' use. No need to worry about health. Stay safe and intelligent, and listen to real-life people, not "forums."