What is Masteron

It's an oil-based steroid that is administered via injection. Back in the late 1950's company Syntex developed this steroid. But it hit commercial markets until the '70s. Once Masteron was a legal steroid. But it wasn't used by bodybuilders. It was used as part of breast cancer treatment.

Primarily it was developed for anti-estrogen properties to treat breast cancer. But women had side effects, increased weight, muscle mass, and strength gains. Of course, for men, it's a bonus. Women though a significant drop in estrogen. This is the best option for men, as it does not aromatize and convert to estrogen. Because of this, some think it's a very mild steroid. But in fact, it has good anabolic and androgenic properties. Of course, this steroid will shut down your natural testosterone production. So it's advised to use testosterone alongside.


Muscle Mass Increase and Aesthetics

Maybe it's not an ideal steroid to bulk and pack as much muscle mass as possible, but not everyone wants to be a mass monster. It will help you to build lean muscle mass. You will feel shredded and tight. Like you always have a pump effect. No water retention. While on Masteron, you don't need to use anti-estrogen. Still, you will have estrogen in your blood, but you will get no estrogen-related side effects. Masteron will let you have an aesthetically pleasing and ripped physique. It promotes fat loss, lean muscle growth, and a dry shape. Best steroid for summer looks.


Best For Cutting

It is best to use when you are lean, low body fat. It will lean on you even more and give you that dry, veiny physique, like bodybuilders in a golden era. Many professional bodybuilders use it for a show when they compete. While in a calorie deficit, it will let you keep a lot of muscle mass.


More Energy And Endurance

When you lower caloric intake on a diet, you will have low energy levels. You will feel lethargic and less motivated to work out or stick to your diet. Masteron is a steroid that increases metabolism and promotes steady energy and endurance. This is another bonus when you are cutting.


Masteron Beginner Cycle

Start with a low dosage at first and later increase if you want. For a Masteron Propionate, you are advised to inject every other day. So for the first time, 200-300mg a week is enough.


Intermediate Cycle

If you have enough muscle mass, want to learn even more, and have faster results, 300-500mg a week would be enough. Of course, you can increase the dosage. Increase by how you feel. If you get any side effects, just decrease the dosage.


Masteron Enanthate

This one is a longer ester that lets you inject twice a day. The dosage would be between 400-600mg a week. If you are doing 600mg, split it into three injections. At once, always do a 200mg injection.


Masteron Side Effects

Like every steroid, Masteron has side effects. This steroid is well tolerated when compared to other but still have some side effects.

Hair loss. Taking this steroid may accelerate hair loss even faster if you are genetically predisposed to hair loss. To prevent hair loss, use RU 58841. It will keep your hair safe from any DHT compound.

It suppressed hair loss. It may slow down your hair growth. To prevent this from happening, use Minoxidil 50mg/60 ml of solution twice a day. The best combo would be to mix RU 58841 and Minoxidil. Dilute RU 58841 into Minoxidil solution, shake it, and here you go, ready to use.

Masteron can give you some mood swings. You can feel more irritated than usual. This steroid is good to use with Deca and Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. It will cure your laziness, and you will be less lazy and have no depression.



If your goal is to be lean and have an aesthetically pleasing physique then this compound is for you. It will increase not only your energy levels but also your libido to sky-high. Some of these feelings compare to "Lizard brain," where you have multiple thoughts about sex. And, of course, if you are a high aromatizer, then this can help you combat estrogen-related side effects. You don't need to use anti-estrogens.