Proviron is known as Mesterolone. This steroid isn't for packing a lot of muscle mass fast. But it has other good benefits on cycle or off cycle. Let's look into Proviron a little bit deeper.


The main reason to take Proviron is

Better mood

Increases more free testosterone

Cure erectile disfunction

Increases fat loss

Lower water retention

Masks estrogen side effects

Gives insane pumps

Gives aesthetic look


Let's start with the first one. Mood. As you know, DHT for men is responsible for a better mood. The more DHT you have, the more "euphoric" you feel. You will feel more social and confident while on Proviron. You will become more "chatty" with women. There are a lot of positive effects when you use Proviron.

Increases more free testosterone. As you know, your body uses only 2% of your testosterone to build muscle. That's where Proviron shines. It decreases SHBG and frees more testosterone to build muscles. Proviron is a "touch" to your cycle. It makes other compounds work better in your body. It would be best always to incorporate Proviron in any bulking or cutting process.

Cure erectile disfunction. Some men have erectile dysfunction while on the steroid cycle or off. Not enough DHT can cause erectile dysfunction. 25mg a day is enough to cure erectile dysfunction. It doesn't matter if you are on a cycle or off. You can take Proviron at 25mg a day year-round. It's not liver toxic. Of course, you can increase the dosage to 50mg, making you think about sexual activities throughout the day. So, if you have any problems with your girlfriend and wife and want to spice up your sexual lifestyle, then this is the steroid you are looking for.

Increase fat loss. As you know, DHT helps to get rid of stubborn fat. Also, it lowers water retention, which makes you look leaner and more vascular. DHT increases body metabolism and temperature. The more DHT you have, the faster the fat loss will occur.

Lowers water retention. Are you tired of having a "moon face" while on a cycle? Well, then Proviron can fix this issue. Proviron is known to lower water retention. The 50-100mg daily will ensure water retention while on the cycle. Even if you are on a bulking cycle, like Deca, it will lower water retention to a minimum. You will look leaner while packing severe muscle mass. Also, Proviron will combat depression and laziness while on Deca. Deca tends to make some people lazy and depressed. More DHT will fix this issue.

Masks estrogen side effects. While on a heavy aromatizing cycle, you will need some anti-estrogen medication. But remember, you need estrogens to build muscle. While on Proviron, you will feel no estrogen side effects. But still, you will need to take anti-estrogen medications because they will be floating estrogens in your blood. Proviron doesn't destroy estrogens; it only prevents them from binding to your receptors, as DHT always wins the competition for a receptor.

Gives an insane pump. While on Proviron, you will be pumped 24/7. It's probably the best compound to increase the pump. I'm not even talking about pumping after a workout. 100mg a day of Proviron will give you an insane pump that will even hurt. You will look like a 3D figure at the gym while others will look at you—hands down, the best compound for insane pumps.

Gives an aesthetic look. Proviron gives that aesthetic a hard 3D look, like in anime movies. If you have lower body fat, it will make you look like a Greek statue—an excellent compound for a cutting cycle for summer. You will keep the most muscle and strength even with a lower calorie intake. Proviron is the best finisher for your physique.