Steroids without experience in training

Should you start steroids if you have a couple of months of experience in training or non at all? The answer is YES; you can begin to use anabolic steroids without any experience in training.


Genetic potential

We all know the old saying, start steroids when you reach your genetic potential. But where is it? There is none, and now I will explain that.

Let's say you start training at 20 years old. You train for five years. After five years, your testosterone will decline with age. So the variables constantly change. Testosterone levels always vary depending on age, lifestyle, and stress. If you want to reach your genetic potential, your testosterone levels must always be the same. You can overtrain your testosterone levels when training naturally, especially on a poor diet, maybe even lower. So, that's a myth. If becoming jacked and shredded is your goal, then it's pointless to train naturally. You will waste your time. Steroids are bodybuilding. Without it, there would be no sport such as bodybuilding.



Many make bodybuilding a highly complex sport. Every year there is a new working out plan and a new study on how to train correctly. Coaches make bodybuilding look like a science project. But it's not very complicated at all. All you need to do is pick up heavy weights and train. That's right, heavyweight. With light or medium weight, you will not increase muscle mass. But what about Kai Greene? Kai started to use "lighter weight for higher reps" when he maxed out his lifts. You will not gain any muscle mass by lifting lightweight at the beginning. The best rep range for building the upper body is 6-8 reps, and for the lower body, 12-15 reps. That's it; nothing special about weight training. You pick the weight, and then you lower it.


Why should I start?

Because when you are natty, it's slow progress. Many drop weightlifting after half a year when they see no results. But when you are on anabolic steroids, you will see instant results. Fast results are the only way you will continue to lift. You will want to progress and look even better. That's why starting steroids at the beginning is an edge. You will go faster and see constant body changes in the mirror. Your strength and muscle mass will increase much quicker than training naturally.



If you want to be jacked and shredded year-round, then there is no better time to start anabolic steroids. Blast and cruise are the only ways you can be jacked and constantly progress. I don't want you to waste time on useless training programs and supplements. Superior testosterone and other compounds can make you jacked and shredded. And don't go deep into the science of anabolic steroids. It's the same as with training. You inject train, eat and sleep. With time you will gain more and more experience. Get your dream physique!