How to become a fitness model on Instagram

If you are thinking about how to become a fitness model on Instagram then you need to introduce to anabolic steroids.



If you think to start your model carrier as a natty and you have not a lot of lifting experience and don't look like you are going to the gym, then you better think twice. Why? Because when you are natty your progression will be minimal and extended. Are your fallowers going to wait six months to see some changes? I guess not. While on anabolic steroids your progression will be much faster. You can update your progress every week or every two weeks. That's what I chose to do. When I started my anabolic steroids cycle I created my Instagram profile about my progression. And I can tell you that people are more interested in anabolic steroids progression than natty. People want to get fast results. They don't want to spend ten years training naturally. Nowadays everyone wants to get faster results. And there are no quick results than using anabolic steroids. In the beginning, you will have not a lot of followers. But after three months you will have plenty of them. Just use the right dosages, eat well, and train hard with some rest days.


How can I earn on Instagram?

When you start your carrier as a fitness model people will start to ask how you succeeded. I sold many workout and diet plans when I was on Instagram. You can advertise bodybuilding supplements like protein. Doesn't matter if everyone knows that you are on steroids. Everyone looking for an edge in bodybuilding. You can make plans for other steroid users "How to properly cycle". This way you will make money online and maybe in the future you can quit your work and work full time as an Instagram model.


Where do I start?

I know like everyone you think you don't have a great physique to start. But everyone starts somewhere. Just start now and you will gain experience later. Everyone wants to see a progression not already built physique. Everyone wants to see that it's possible even for them to make such progress. You don't need fancy equipment. You just need a phone and anabolic steroids and you are good to go. I had the same thoughts as you before I started. But later on, it was nice when you get comments and people ask for diet and workout plans for the money. And yeah, you will have plenty of girls who will want to chat with you also.


The start

I have started a cutting journey. Yes, I started using anabolic steroids when my body fat was high. Don't listen to people that you can't use steroids when you are fat. Of course, you can. There is an anti-estrogen medication that will help with aromatization when you start the Testosterone cycle. And of course, human growth hormone is the best for fat loss. If you are skinny and want to add muscle mass then you need to choose a bulk journey and later when you gain some size you can sell people how to bulk for skinny guys. Of course, you will have some haters who are just jealous of your journey. Even other Instagram models will try to sabotage your work. Nobody wants competition. You are a threat to other fitness models. Don't hate them or call them names. Be a cool and funny guy. I started with high dosages and I got a lot of hate from people at the beginning. What cycles and dosages to use you can find here on the website "Articles". Don't be afraid to change something if you have some ideas. Remember people like new stuff. There is a lot of the same stuff on Instagram. Don't try to copy others, be yourself and follow your journey. Good luck!