Equipoise - Boldenone

This is a veterinary steroid that is used for horses. But bodybuilders find a way to use it for bodybuilding purposes. This steroid is like Deca or Dianabol. But less anabolic. Equipoise is mainly used for better performance. It will give you better stamina where you can work longer and more intensely at the gym. Also, it can be used for anti-estrogen properties. Some users report low estrogen levels. Because of that, it is advised to use a higher testosterone dosage. Something like 2:1 Testosterone: Equipoise.

Equipoise is perfect for lean bulking. It will keep your estrogen levels low and you will retain less water. Also, it's very good to stack with trenbolone. It will minimize trenbolone's side effects on stamina. The basic cycle for equipoise is 14-18 weeks. As it needs more time to kick in. Be patient. Let's see bulking and cutting cycle recommendations.


Bulking 18 weeks cycle

1-18 750mg Testosterone Enanthate

1-18 600mg Equipoise Undecylenate

1-6 Dianabol 30mg a day


Cutting 18 weeks cycle

1-18 750mg Testosterone Enanthate

1-18 600-800mg Equipoise Undecylenate

1-18 HGH 6-8IU a day

14-18 Winstrol 60mg a day