Why does being bigger get you successful in life

I was a skinny 150lbs guy who was working his ass off at the gym six times a week. I was cursed with a fast metabolism. I could eat the whole day and still would get little muscle gain. The maximum I got was 160lbs training naturally. People used to say that you need to eat more to grow. But I was already eating every two hours huge meals. I was forced to eat. I had a good coach who knew how to train people for competition.  But still, I didn't get more muscular.

My life as a skinny guy was miserable. Nobody respected me and I got no attention from the girls. When you see a big jacked guy in life, he usually gets more attention from girls and is a more successful in life. People respect bigger, muscular men. So that's when I decided to take anabolic steroids. I did some research but still didn't know where to start.

So I decided to get some guidance from my friend who was competing in bodybuilding. He told me to stop reading the forums because there is only negative information and there you will not get good information to progress. So I stopped my research and just listened to my jacked friend.


First cycle

You hear people telling you about 10-12 weeks first cycle. But in reality, if you want to progress and get constant results you need to stay on it for a longer time. Your body needs to adjust to new muscles. So going, in the long run, will make you bigger and you will keep more muscles if you start a cruise or pct. So my first cycle was for 6 months. I already decided I want to compete and will cruise for life. I love bodybuilding sport. When you compete you always need to stay "ON" and sometimes give your body a break for 6-8 weeks. Here is my first cycle:



1-12 Testosterone Enanthate 500mg a week

2-12 Arimidex 0.5mg twice a week

1-6 Dianabol 30mg every day

12-24 Testosterone Enanthate 750mg a week

12-24 Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 400mg a week

18-24 Anavar 50mg every day

12-24 Cabergoline 0.5mg twice a week


When I started my first cycle I was doing blood work and my friend checked them and adjusted accordingly. I was lucky to have a coach who knows his stuff. I would never progress so fast without his help. DON'T read forums get help from real people who know their stuff. When I finished my cycle I ended with 195lbs. I did all the same when I was natty but this time I have added anabolic steroids and I grew fast. I was feeling euphoric after my first cycle. First time in my life I got so much attention from girls when I went to bars and nightclubs. My life changed drastically over these six months. I looked leaner and jacked. Finally, I got respect from people that I've never had before. The saying when you are natural, eat big to get big is false. You need hormones to build everything faster. I have never regretted my decision to take anabolic steroids.

After my first cycle, my next cycles were 1000mg plus of testosterone and other compounds. After my second cycle, I competed at 210lb lean and won second place. I'm the proof that if you struggle with weight gain then anabolics will help you with that 100%.



You don't need to struggle with weight gain or have training experience to use anabolic steroids. If your diet and training are on point add anabolics and transform your body to the next level. I hope anyone of you will take my advice and use it and get motivation in life. Being big and jacked will get you more successful in life than being a skinny guy.


My cycle for six months