Nowadays on the internet, you read a lot of "overtraining". Many people will work out even once a week just not to overtrain. I think this is laziness and not overtraining. Your body will adapt to any amount of work you give it to him. Just give a couple of months to adapt to more work. People start a program and they feel "overtrained" in just a week. Of course, you will. You just added more work than your body is used to it. I would say, push through it and you will reap the gains. Be patient and consistent.


The Pro's

Do you think pros take off some day just to recover because they feel overtrained? Of course, not. It's their job and they need to do it, no matter how they feel. Imagine a pro preparing for a competition and he feels like sh..t and overtrained. Will he take a rest? No. He will do everything to win. That's why a lot of pros use some medication to deal with CNS burnout. Muscles recover much faster than your CNS. The best bodybuilders in the world are Mr. O's because they have a mindset. They will do everything to win, no matter what they need to take. They have a mindset to deal with stress. If you can't deal with stress you will not succeed in life. Push and adapt.


The workout

To get the most gains and fast you should train twice a week. When I competed I have never mixed rep ranges. I did twice a week for the upper body 6-8 reps and the lower 12-15 reps. We want to hit fast twitch muscles. These are the biggest muscles in your body. Bodybuilding is about hitting these fast twitch muscles. I do PPL(push, pull, legs) workout day in a row, and on the seventh, I take a rest. I will eat pizzas and big macs on that day to make the best recovery out of it. Every 4 weeks I take one week off of everything. I don't go to the gym to lift weights or do any cardio. I just enjoy my free time and hobbies. Your mind also needs to recover from constant stress. Push the limits and then rest. Your body will adapt to a higher workload. I do 3 exercises for a muscle group and will do three working sets. Of course, I don't reach true failure on working sets. I leave one or two reps in the tank. You can take a rest day after every PPL at the beginning.


The anabolics

Of course, to push the limits you need to take something. Naturally, you would burn out fast. Any steroid cycle should contain testosterone. I would say anywhere from 750-1000mg is where the magic starts. Of course, if it's your first cycle then start with 500mg and then increase every two months by 250mg of testosterone. And add a second compound. For example Nandrolone Phenylpropionate or Trenbolone Acetate. I like fast esters. They kick faster and you feel better them faster. Don't need to wait for four weeks to start seeing the results. The cycle would be for 9 months and then I would cruise for 3 months at 500mg of testosterone. I don't want to lose any size. No matter what others will say, you can't maintain your size on 250mg of testosterone.

The second compound I would do as long as my blood work is alright. Trenbolone once I did for 4 months with no problem.



Don't be a little bitch and push the limits and then take a rest. To look like a bodybuilder you need to train more. There is no shortcut to fast gains. Anabolics + good diet + workout + rest = gains. Remember without anabolics there is no such thing as bodybuilding. When you are natty you can overtrain much faster. Volume is a key to bodybuilding. I hope you will find what work best for you. It worked for me. Went from 165lbs to 210 lbs in six months.