There is a new "fashion," low testosterone, high trenbolone. This is probably the worst cycle you could run, and I'll tell you why. First, trenbolone is five times stronger than testosterone. But it's not if you run low testosterone and high trenbolone. Testosterone is fuel for trenbolone. Testosterone is fuel for other compounds, not just trenbolone. Running low testosterone with high trenbolone will only waste your wallet.

I will give you an example. Let's compare some cycles.


Testosterone 250mg/week

Trenbolone 700mg/week


This cycle may give you fewer side effects, but it will not show you the full benefits of trenbolone. Because the test is so low, you will aromatize less. We need more estrogen to fuel the trenbolone. On this cycle, you will be flat as hell.


A better way to use trenbolone

Testosterone 1000mg/week

Trenbolone 350mg/week


Even when you use a low dosage of trenbolone but high testosterone, it will give you better results than a low testosterone cycle. We have a lot of testosterone to fuel trenbolone. The more we use testosterone, the better the second compound will work.


Let's look at the ideal cycle for the gains.

Testosterone 1000mg/week

Trenbolone 525mg/week


I used this cycle, and it was the best for the gains. I'm not even talking about the pump. After a workout, I would look like a different person. Everyone would look at me and wonder the f. CK he's taking.

Let's look at the pros. Do they take 250mg of testosterone and 1400mg of trenbolone before the show? Of course, no. They will up their testosterone before the show to look fuller. Trenbolone tanks your glycogen levels. That's where testosterone comes to help.


Don't be afraid to use trenbolone. The side effects are overblown on forums. Blast high dosages and then take a rest. I and other pros would suggest using trenbolone acetate for 8-10 weeks. Between 525-700mg a week. Do not run low dosage trenbolone, like 350mg/week. Sure, you will get some gains. Better blast as hard as you can and take a rest. On cycle, you want to feel "ON." Motivation, aggression at the gym, and faster muscle gains. Low dosage cycles are a waste, in my opinion. Trenbolone is toxic to the body. You want in and out of your system. That's why it's better to use acetate instead of enanthate ester.

You can start trenbolone acetate at 350mg for two weeks to determine if you have harmful side effects. Then you can up the dosage. On every cycle, you will have some side effects. Just be a man and go through it.


The fun about trenbolone and women

Have you ever heard that when someone is on trenbolone, they get more female attention from nowhere? Well, I can tell you that it's a real deal. I don't know if it's feromones or confidence, but I got a lot of eyeing from girls when I'm on trenbolone. I can stand in the crowd and do nothing and will bring smiles from girls. This one is a strange thing when you use trenbolone. Trenbolone put a lot of muscle mass on me. I can tell you that I got so many dates when I reached 210lbs with abs than when I was a 165lbs skinny guy. My confidence went through the roof. I wasn't a shy kid anymore. I was cocky, and girls liked it. If someone tells you that you need to eat more to gain weight, they don't know what they are talking about. I have a fast metabolism. I ate a lot and didn't gain weight until I added anabolics, especially trenbolone. My weight went up fast. I have tried the low testosterone cycle, and it sucked. If you don't believe me, you can try it for yourself.