In today's world, men's testosterone levels have dropped significantly. And it's not your fault that this happened. All animals are grown on hormones. When you eat the end product, which is meat, it's full of female hormones. And guess what happens when you eat it? Your testosterone levels go down. Unless the animal was grown on the farm and was fed naturally. Even your home water is full of female hormones. So there is nothing you can do.

Have you noticed that your mood and motivation declined? Have you noticed that your sex drive is no longer than it was in your twenties? All this can be fixed with one medication, which is synthetic testosterone. There is no way around getting your testosterone levels back where it was. That's why every man should consider Testosterone therapy. No one wants to have low testosterone levels. It's a must nowadays to have higher levels of testosterone. This world is competition for a man; without the primary man hormone, you will have less motivation, more stress, and no libido. Testosterone is the drive in man's life.

It's very safe as long as it's TRT. Testosterone injections vary from 100-200mg a week. Depends on the person and blood work. The best ester for testosterone therapy is testosterone cypionate. It would be best if you injected it every fifth day. This is the best protocol to have stable blood levels. The injection will take about five minutes once a week. No supplement or other medication will not help to raise your testosterone levels. Testosterone impacts the whole male body. So you will not need to use other medicines for sex drive, depression, lack of motivation, or low energy. This can be solved with only one injection a week.

But in reality, no pharmacy companies want you to find this because they want you to buy more expensive medication that doesn't work.

As for myself, I can't imagine life without synthetic testosterone. I sleep less because I recover faster and have total energy to do my things throughout the day. I think your wife or girlfriend would be more than happy if you became more sexually active in the bedroom. You can have more money and be successful, but what's the point if it doesn't work down there? We want to be successful and be good lovers in the bedroom.

I had low testosterone levels for years, and I'm happy I discovered TRT. There is no point in delaying it anymore. The longer you wait, the worse your body will become in time. Good luck with your journey.

Testosterone Cypionate