Why do you need HGH on high dosages

First of all, let's get straight into what is high dosages. The high dose starts at 1000mg of testosterone and other compounds. 500-750mg of testosterone is a medium dosage. 250mg of testosterone is a cruise dose. Small amounts of testosterone, like 250mg a week, is not a blast; it's just a waste of anabolics if you want to gain muscle mass.

Second. Testosterone only cycle will not make you look like a bodybuilder. You need a second compound for growth. Deca, NPP, and Tren are your second compound for development.

Third. The "Magic" starts at 1000mg of testosterone. No bodybuilder or gym rat who looks jacked doesn't do a 500mg cycle and looks like a bodybuilder. And to maintain the muscle, you should cruise at 500mg of testosterone. Many youtube channel fitness gurus now push the false hope that you can be "Jacked" on TRT or 250-500mg of testosterone. Other competing bodybuilders and I start a blast at 1000mg of testosterone and other compounds.

Many first-time users are disappointed with the first 500mg cycle. "Oh, I don't look like I hoped." Because it's a small dose, look at the bodybuilders who come down to 500-600mg of testosterone a week. They get small fast. And this on 500-600mg of testosterone. So why do you think you can maintain the muscles on 250mg weekly?

My first cycle was 500mg a week. The results were okay but not what I expected. But then my buddy who competes in bodybuilding educated me about doses in bodybuilding. And it was a significant change in my life. I started growing like weed when I increased the dosage. My diet didn't change, and I grew fast and got stronger. Many people will lie about their doses because they want to be "special." Even your best friend will lie about the dosages. They don't want to admit that only high dosages are a key to getting jacked. Think, don't listen to others. Here is my first cycle:


Testosterone 750mg a week

NPP 600mg a week

Anavar 60mg a day for 8 weeks

10IU HGH a day


This cycle was for 24 weeks. After eight weeks, I increased my testosterone to 1000mg a week. Only then have I understood what a blast feels like. My sleep went from 8-9 hours to 5-6 hours a night. I felt refreshed after a rest. I had the motivation to train at the gym harder and longer. Girls started to notice my physique changes. And it was the best feeling in the world because I have always been a skinny guy. Trust me, no woman cares about "character." They care only about looks. Alright, now let's discuss the HGH.

On doses more than 1000mg, you need HGH to keep up with strength gains, or you will get injured. HGH will increase your recovery when you run high dosages of anabolics. It would be best if you had HGH for your ligaments. High doses of anabolics will increase your strength very fast, but they will not repair your ligaments, only your muscles. For bodybuilding purposes, you need to use 10IU a day. 5IU in the morning and 5IU in the evening. 2-IU a day will not help ligaments. 2IU is for anti-aging purposes. Do this cycle, and your recovery will be crazy. But even on this blast, I trained every other day. I suggest one day off between your workouts for recovery. This way, you will pack muscle mass fast. Start HGH at 4IU a day and increase by 2IU every week till you reach 10IU a day. If you start anabolics, do it correctly, in high doses.


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