When you start your anabolic journey, you will walk a long way to determine which steroid compound suits you the best. On your first anabolic cycle, you will need to use only Testosterone and an oral combination (Dbol, Anavar, or Winstrol). These two orals are the best compounds when you start. Later on. When you have some experience with anabolics, you can test Anadrol or Superdrol. But for now, just these three compounds. 


Cycle length

It doesn't matter if it's long ester or short; your cycle should be at least 16 weeks long. Everyone thinks that on anabolics, your muscles grow fast, but it doesn't like everyone thinks. You can't gain 20 lbs of muscles in 12 week's cycle. Even on steroids, your muscles need time to grow. So be patient and consistent with your training and diet. For example, Testosterone Enanthate will peak only at week eight. Only then will you start your whole cycle. So 16-24 weeks is the ideal cycle to gain muscle. First, you will blast hard for 2-3 years; then, you can do a 12-week process to maintain or have minimal muscle gains. 


My story

I started my bodybuilding journey when I was 150 lbs. I trained naturally and gained 15 lbs in one year. But for me, it was a slow process. I was a "Hard gainer" even when I ate non-stop. Something was missing. I got introduced to a guy who was competing in bodybuilding. He was my mentor. He told me the absolute truth about bodybuilding. He said that without anabolic use, there would be no such thing as bodybuilding. And literally, everyone is on the "Souce." He told me that everyone starts using anabolics at a very young age, like 14-15 years old. I'm not advocating starting that young. But if your dream is competing in bodybuilding, you need to have an "Edge" at the beginning. I started at age 19. Also, the dosages are very high, unlike what I hear on youtube about TRT and 250mg of Testosterone. If you want to grow, you need to use high dosages. My mentor had good genetics for bodybuilding, but even he used 3000mg of Testosterone plus other high-dosage compounds. Of course, you start low and then increase it later. So, six months later, I got to 185 lbs and was lean. My cycle was 750mg of Testosterone Enanthate and 450mg of Nandrolone Decanoate per week.

Yes, straight six months, and I was fine. The gains were incredible, and I felt motivated to go to the gym because I saw the results. After six months, I cruised on 300mg of Testosterone per week for eight weeks. After my Cruise ended, I started another nine months' blast. At the end of my nine months blast, I was 210lbs shredded. My mentor offered me to compete at the bodybuilding show, and I placed third. It was hard work, but it was worth it. The best thing about anabolics was that I looked like a greek statue, and I got a lot of attention from girls. Where when I was 150lbs, I had zero attention from girls. This motivated me to push further. When you look like that, your mindset changes. You become more motivated and more confident. So, anabolics changed my life for the better. I did couple more shows and then stopped. I wanted to earn more money. So I started my Instagram profile back then. I've put some before and after pictures and begun coaching people on anabolics. Made a lot of money while coaching and selling products. Later I invested in the business. If you are skinny and struggling with muscle gain, maybe you should consider using anabolics if your goal is to be jacked.



I tried many compounds. But my favorite is Trenbolone. Many say it's a complex compound and make them crazy, but for me, it was a remarkable compound that I can run at 700mg a week and be calm and relaxed. I found that I react very well to DHT compounds. Deca and NPP were not so-great compounds for me. Made me a little bit jealous and depressed. But adding a DHT compound like Proviron(my favorite) can help with that. Masteron tanked my estrogen levels to a single digit, so I don't use it unless I'm on 2000mg of Testosterone. Everyone is different and will react differently to certain compounds. For some, Deca will be the best compound. For some, it will be a nightmare. Use the compounds that make you feel good. Don't push yourself to gain muscle. Steroids should make your life better, not worse. 

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