Why are you not motivated and don't want to do anything? Why do you sit and watch Netflix all day long and don't do anything productive? The answer to these questions is you have low testosterone levels. And it doesn't matter if you use "supplements" to raise your T levels. Supplements don't work. They work only on your wallet. The only way to get higher T levels is to use synthetic Testosterone. There is no other way. The media brainwashed people that steroids are harmful and will shorten their lifespan. We are not talking about Pro bodybuilders that are taking grams of gear. We are talking about people who want to look fit and enjoy life.

Hormones are a key to an enjoyable life. They dictate what you think and how you act. But nowadays, it's acceptable for men to have low T. Men should be calmer and softer. This BS. Like Andrew Tate says, you are more prone to BS and other social nonsense if you have low T. Men are not supposed to act arrogant or aggressive these days. I'm not talking about aggressive and violent. I'm talking about being aggressive in business to achieve your goals.

Being fat and soft is the worse that can happen to a man. As a man, you must be fit, strong, and successful. Without Testosterone, you are just wondering about life without a purpose, going to a job you hate, and having a sexless life. Why do you think many men end relationships when they start TRT or a heavy testosterone cycle? Because they have more Testosterone and a Man Hormone, they are not prone to bullshit anymore. They begin to think about why they need to go to a job they hate and why they need to stick with their girlfriend or wife when all they get is nagging. They realize that these relationships are not for them. It's not steroids that ruin relationships. It's just steroids that show the true life. Unfolds lies and manipulations. Men don't want to bow anymore to the system and work their asses for a few bucks. They realize there is more in life than this boring lifestyle portrayed by the system. The system wants you to be weak and fat. Agree or don't talk at all.


Somehow, women, it's accepted to be fat and weak. Whenever women do something wrong, it's acceptable because, you know, they are women. Women can call names men, and it's okay. But when men say something negative about women, it's not. And you know why? Because soft and weak men run all governments. And these men are run by women. Any man who doesn't with what Andrew Tate says is a weak man with low testosterone levels. Pharmaceutical companies push drugs to help you "cope" with life. You go to a psychiatrist to fix your life. But the reality is that only you can improve your life. But it would be best if you had a tool to do that, which is Testosterone. Injection once a week can change your life drastically. The best for TRT is to use Testosterone Cypionate. It's cheap and lasts longer if you are on a TRT.

The myth is that only pharmaceutical Testosterone is good quality. It's 21 century. Underground labs use the same testosterone powder as pharma-grade labs. It's just that pharma grade will charge you more for it. You know, for a more significant profit. I used pharma grade and underground labs steroids. And they are the same. People who are pushing this agenda are greedy. They make steroids from the same powder as everyone and put labels with legal brands. You can't get legal steroids from pharmacies like that. If you ever find out a legal brand selling steroids online, it's fake. Don't get scammed by these people online. The only company I know who cares about people's health is if pharma. They offer good quality products and give life-changing advice for TRT and bodybuilders who have just started their careers.

The more DHT you have, the more independent you are from society. You start to think for yourself. So the next time someone says you are too arrogant or selfish, believe for the moment, are they your friends? I think TRT for men is a must nowadays. I'm on TRT for life, and happy I did that. My life is better. I look fit, and I have my business on point. One hormone, Testosterone, can change your life in weeks.


Get your Testosterone for success.