Arnold schwarzenegger is well known bodybuilder. Because of him today we have bodybuilding as a sport. He showed the world that lifting weights can make you big and shredded. But he forgot to mention that he used a lot of steroids. Please don't be naive that it was "Old school training and diet". They took everything they could get their hands on. There were no forums or informative studies back then on how to use steroids. So they took as much as they could. Dianabol was like candies. They used 100-200mg a day. They didn't do any blood work. They experimented with all steroids. The more muscle they got the more they took. There was no anti-estrogen medication. A lot of them had gyno and water retention. The main compounds back then were Testosterone, Nandrolone Decanoate, Primobolan, and Dianabol. Testosterone was available earlier so they used it. Some try to argue that they didn't use testosterone back then. But they were using testosterone and high doses.

Why didn't they get hair loss then? Because they were always on. They never came off. Arnold would start to lose hair when he stopped taking steroids. It happened because of hormonal shock. That's why it's advised to use the same testosterone dosage all the time and just change the compounds. This way your body will be healthier and you will have few side effects. The other reason they didn't get hair loss is that they didn't use any anti-estrogen medication. And many when estrogen goes lower or even crashes them there is always hair loss. I didn't get any hair loss when my estrogens were higher. And hair loss on Masteron and Proviron is because they block estrogens and you get hair loss.

All bodybuilders lie about dosages. They want to be "Special", genetic freaks. They take a lot of steroids. Nowadays they take even more to have an edge. I don't know how much they took but it was grams combined with all steroids. Don't think you can be like them on 250mg Deca a week. 800-1400mg a week probably you could achieve these results. Of course, you always include testosterone in your cycle and some orals. You don't start right away Deca 800-1400mg a week. You increase it every month or a couple of months. A good start would be 300-400mg a week and then increase. I'm not talking about 12 weeks cycle. I'm talking about 6 months cycle or more. Deca needs some time to start working. Muscles grow slowly even on steroids.

I would always use Deca year-round to protect my joints. When I would cruise I would still be on 300mg a week. Deca is perfect for joints and your skin looks better on it because it increases collagen synthesis. To wrap it up all old-school bodybuilders took a lot of steroids to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. And if you want that look you need to take high doses of steroids too.


Arnold's Schwarzenegger favorite steroid Deca