If you think you can get jacked on 250mg a week of testosterone and 200mg of trenbolone then you better stay natty and forget about steroids. We all know that youtube is the biggest scam media. There is 95% of scammers want just your money. No TRT will make you jacked. You will just look like a regular Joe. If your goal is to compete or to be as big as you can then you need to take much more steroids than you think. Here is the Big Ramy cycle which one trainer leaked in Oxygen Gym.



The trainer also leaked the pre-contest cycle Big Ramy used leading up to his first-place New York Pro win.

  • HGH 36IU's per day

  • Insulin - 5IU's before each meal

  • Testosterone Propionate - 1000mgs per day (stopping 2 weeks before the contest)

  • Trenbolone acetate – 500mgs per day

  • Masteron acetate – 500mgs per day

  • Anavar - 100mgs per day

  • Injectible Winstrol - 100mgs per day (adding 4 weeks before the contest)

  • T3 – 100mcg per day

  • Clenbuterol – 200mcg per day

  • Diuretics leading up to contest