Testosterone boosters are a waste of money and time. The majority of supplements are a waste of time and money except for vitamins and protein shakes. The supplement industry wants you to believe that testosterone boosters can increase testosterone levels. But they don't. If you have low testosterone levels then it's better to get synthetic testosterone and start a TRT. There is no natural supplement in the world that can increase your testosterone levels. One testosterone vial can be used for 20 weeks of TRT. Where testosterone boosters you will buy every month and you will have zero results from them. 

Testosterone Cypionate would be the best choice for a TRT. You will need to inject 100-150mg every five days. Start at 100mg a week. Do blood work after two weeks. If your testosterone is still low you can increase it to 150mg. All are different individuals. Some are good responders some are not. Only by blood work, you will find out. Testosterone Cypionate will solve all your problems immediately, which is:


  • Low motivation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Fat gain

  • Fatigue

  • Brain fog

  • Muscle loss

  • Memory loss

  • Depression


These all problems can be solved with one injection every five days.