What should you use before a workout to maximize muscle recovery and growth? Glucose or dextrose. This one tip will let you train harder, and longer and you will recover very fast after this tip. 

When you lift weights you are using your glycogen reserves. The harder you work out the faster you will deplete your glycogen. We need to use glucose or dextrose through our training to escape this problem. We want our glycogen levels to remain the same as before training. This way you will feel super pumped. After a workout, you will feel refreshed because you didn't deplete your glycogen levels. 



1.    Eat your meal with carbohydrates and protein one hour before your workout.

2.    Drink 50g why protein with 30 grams of dextrose 20 minutes before your activity.

3.    Prepare a dextrose drink for your workout session. 100-200 grams of dextrose mixed with water. You can add BCAA's with some flavor if you want. Sip your prepared drink throughout your workout.

4.    After a workout eat your second meal which contains protein and carbohydrates.


This tip will give you crazy pumps and endurance through your workouts. After three days you will look like a completely different person because all the time you will look pumped. I never train without my dextrose drink. I can lift heavier and longer which gives me faster muscle gains.