What is Anadrol 50

If you're looking for serious strength size and bulk in short order, then you can't do much better than Anadrol, the common trade name for anabolic Oxymetholone. First marketed by Syntex as "Anadrol 50," this drug has been around since the 1960s as a compound capable of treating anemia, osteoporosis, and muscle wasting. Oxymetholone is still used in the medical community today, but it's even more popular as a bodybuilding drug that can give you an incredible muscular explosion. 


The benefits of Anadrol 50

Anadrol causes a fast boost in strength, with some Anadrol reviews reporting up to 40-pound increases in compound lifts in only 30 days. Strength gains are one big reason Anadrol pills are so popular among powerlifters as they are near competition. Testosterone is the building block for many bodybuilding goals, including muscle gain and fat loss. But sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) likes to bind to free testosterone and prevent this all-important male sex hormone from doing its job. That's why you'll be pleased to know that Anadrol can lower your SHBG activity, thus allowing your testosterone to help build muscle and libido. Oxymetholone may not be as widely known for joint relief as nandrolone. However, studies have shown that it can aid in synthesizing anti-inflammatory metabolites.

For this reason, bodybuilders with joint problems might stack Anadrol in their cycle because it helps give your joints a lubricated feel, along with all of the mass and strength benefits we've already discussed. I can't stress enough how much mass you can put on with Oxymetholone quickly. So it's little surprise that this drug is used to boost appetite and weight in muscle-wasting patients. A 2003 clinical trial saw HIV patients given Anadrol experience a considerable increase in appetite and weight. So if you're in a bulking phase, you'll see massive growth by combining drops with increased calories.


Side effects

So now let's discuss the side effects of Anadrol. Like several other prominent oral anabolic steroids, Oxymetholone doesn't aromatize. You'd think you would be safe from estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia and water retention while on this drug. However, the truth is that you're not - and nobody seems to know why. One theory that's been floated is that Anadrol may have progestogenic activity, but research reveals this may not be the case. Other approaches include that this powerful drug can activate estrogen receptors and mimic how estrogen acts. If either of these ideas is true, then an aromatase inhibitor (AI) won't do anything to combat Anadrol's estrogenic side effects. Instead, you would need a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) like Nolvadex on a cycle; but again, nobody fully knows what's happening here. It's also very toxic to your liver as it passes through. The drop has no more significant downside than what it can do to your liver. Oxymetholone is one of the most hepatotoxic steroids, thus significantly reducing the amount of time you can cycle this drug. Beginners shouldn't run an Anadrol cycle any longer than four weeks; more-experienced users may go 5-6 weeks. Just be aware of the havoc that Anadrol can wreak on your liver, going as far as tumors or ruptures. Luckily, it would be best if you didn't worry about these severe problems as long as you keep your cycles reasonable and supplement with milk thistle and Liv52.

As discussed before, Oxymetholone has a very high anabolic-to-androgenic ratio. Unfortunately, as with many oral anabolic steroids, you still need to worry about this drug's androgenic side effects. Anadrol is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid notorious for causing acne and hair loss. So if you're genetically predisposed to either of these problems, you'll want to closely monitor the situation on Oxymetholone. Furthermore, have an excellent anti-acne body scrub and Finasteride (Propecia) for your cycle. Any anabolic steroid can suppress your natural (endogenous) testosterone production and cause you to suffer from low libido and lethargy. However, Anadrol can hit you on two fronts: it not only suppresses your endogenous testosterone but also reduces your sperm count. This is why post-cycle therapy (PCT) is so important after using Anadrol so that you restore your hormone levels to normal. You might also consider using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) to boost your testosterone towards the middle and end of a cycle.


When using any anabolic steroid, it's not enough to take it. You must understand the dose needed to meet your goals while maintaining safety. This can be confusing for some as the internet and gym gossip can overwhelm them with so many numerous and contradicting points of view. However, when looking at Anadrol doses, many find this a simpler steroid to understand. The steroid is almost always found in 50mg tablets, and as a result, most Anadrol doses will be 50mg daily. However, this isn't always the best dose; sometimes, less is needed. Let's look at Anadrol doses and discover the right one for you. Anadrol doses at 50mg per day will be standard for most men. This is a widespread dose for beginners and long-time anabolic steroid users. Such a dose will produce substantial gains in mass and strength in a rapid and short period. It's not uncommon for 20 lbs to be gained in 3-4 weeks; 30 kg is possible with such Anadrol doses. Due to most tabs being 50mg, this also makes it a very convenient dosing protocol. While 50mg daily is commonplace, Anadrol doses of 25mg daily can often be enough. 25mg Anadrol doses will be half a tab per day. 25mg per day is a much safer dose for a first-time user and will be far more side-effect-friendly. Remember, Anadrol isn't a side effect-friendly steroid. The Oxymetholone hormone is highly estrogenic, can significantly promote high blood pressure and cholesterol, and is extremely hepatotoxic. Lower Anadrol doses can make such issues much easier to control. While you may not gain 20-30lbs with such use, you should still be able to make significant gains as long as your diet and training protocols are proper.

Lower Anadrol doses can also benefit cutting cycles, specifically competitive bodybuilding contest cycles. A low dose of Anadrol at the end of a diet can help the individual fill out nicely. Some have difficulty controlling water with this type of Oxymetholone use, but 25mg Anadrol doses will make it far more controllable than 50mg. An Anadrol dose of 25-50mg daily is all the Oxymetholone most men need. More can be considered if more is desired, and the steroid was tolerated well at the 25-50mg range. However, keep in mind the higher the dose, the greater the risk. Some men can use Anadrol doses of 75-100mg daily, but no man has any reason to surpass the 100mg mark. Doses above 100mg per day will all but ensure side effects. Data has also shown that doses above 100mg do not typically produce results more significant than 100mg. This steroid appears to have a sharp fall-off point in terms of dosing level to return. Many also often report that Anadrol doses above 100mg daily significantly reduce their appetite, making growth extremely difficult. Regardless of your Anadrol quantities and where they may fall, no man should use this steroid for more than eight weeks. Most men should not extend use past six weeks if they are going to protect their health. Service that extends past six weeks also appears to provide little benefit in terms of growth, meaning there's no point in developing use. Many men will find the bulk of the results within the first four weeks of service regardless of the Anadrol doses. This makes 4-6 weeks the perfect time frame for most men. Such a time frame of use will be the safest and will typically produce all the desired and obtainable results of this steroid.