RU 58841 Powder 10g

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RU58841 is probably the best product for hair loss. Very strong and works only on the scalp area. It's not systematic like finasteride and other anti-DHT medications. RU58841 will protect your hair even on compounds like trenbolone. It can even regrow your lost hair. The best result is to dilute in a minoxidil solution.


1ml on the scalp area every day

2ml on the scalp for serious hair loss and while on DHT compounds. One in the morning and another ml in the evening


How to make

Take 3 grams of RU58841 powder and put it in 60ml minoxidil solution. Gently shake and then apply. You will have 50mg of RU58841 per 1 ml. You will protect your hair from DHT with RU58841 and with minoxidil you will regrowth your hair.